Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lincoln Durham - Living This Hard


Lincoln Durham

Born in Whitney, Texas. raised in Itasca. started playing fiddle at the age of four. that’s right, four years old. By eight, Lincoln Durham was performing in fiddle contests all over Arkansas and Oklahoma. In fact, at ten he won the Texas State Youth Fiddle Championship. come twelve, the young man hooked up a residency with the house band at the Oceola Opry. Then, through his high school years, Lincoln decided to pick up the strat. he started a three-piece band playing who else but Jimi and Stevie Ray. Took a spell, though, and put the guitar on the backburner for a while to pursue art and design. but, a couple years ago, he grabbed a resonator, a slide and an old Gibson j45. He impressed Ray Wylie Hubbard so much with his greasy, nasty sound that Ray signed on to produce his record.

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