Friday, April 2, 2010

Austin Collins - House Without Windows

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Houston-born Austin Collins, currently headquartered in Austin, is garnering respect and considerable airplay on Americana and Texas Country radio stations...and beyond. Hardly a surprise. Collins combines knotty but thoughtful lyrics with a spare hard hitting rock sound (with echoes of folk phrasing in his vocals).

From Twangville:
"...I like lyrics that refuse to take the easy way out. This song, which musically is reminiscent of Whiskeytown’s “16 days”, could be George Strait’s “Easy Come, Easy Go”, where everyone involved is happy and ready to move on, but it doesn’t go that route. Picture the light “Easy Come, Easy Go” vibe with a casual middle finger waving effortlessly at this chick who done him wrong and then you have the right picture. The track where I feel that producer Johnson’s fingerprints are most evident is “House Without Windows”. The gritty, moody, muted guitar intro is a prime example of what you might hear on a future Centro-matic record (if you aren’t familiar with Centro-matic, you should be. They are DBT’s Patterson Hood’s favorite band, people!!) Again, lyrically this isn’t a song that chooses the stale, easy, country-cool path. When Collins strains his voice, he laments his “lead-based dreams”. We are left wondering how dangerous such dreams are when the chorus reminds us that his is a house “without windows...”

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