Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Josh Abbott - Buried Me

Josh Abbott Band
Buried Me:


Formed in early 2006, The Josh Albert Band was founded by fraternity brothers Josh Abbott, Austin Davis, Drew Hurt, and Neel Huey. After playing mostly acoustic open mic night shows at The Blue Light, Josh and Austin called on Drew and Neel to give the band a rhythm section. On their debut night, The Blue Light packed in a full house and a sense of something special was present. After a year of picking up local shows and greek parties, the band released a self-titled LP in 2007 featuring four tracks. Immediately, the band recorded a music video for "Buried Me" and entered it in the Music City Madness competition on After beating out over 600 other videos, the live concept video made the final cut.

I really hate when you call me late at night.
I didn’t answer cuz I didn’t wanna fight,
or hear you say things you don’t mean;
and drive my heart again down Misery Street.

So go ahead and arrange the flowers,
and prepare my eulogy.
Call my brothers to be pall bearers,
cuz what you did already buried me.

When I think of you I get in my car,
but I can never escape from where you are.
And I can’t forget the words that you said
the night you shot me in the heart and left me for dead.

Who am I kidding, I’ll never be over you.
So put me ten feet deep, and I won’t face the truth.

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