Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Krayolas - Alamo Dragway

The Krayolas:

Hector Saldana: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica. David Saldana: Vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards. Van Baines: Harmony vocals, lead guitar, pedal steel guitar. Abraham Humphrey: Harmony vocals, bass. Louie Bustos: Saxophone Al Gomez: Trumpet

The "K" in Krayolas comes from Hector's favorite group, The Kinks.

"Non-ironic use of Vox organ ... the writing is crisp, and the sound is powerful and locked-in, effortlessly mixing Tex-Mex, Motown and British Invasion sounds into a winning concoction."
-- Jeff McCord, KUT/NPR "Best Music of 2009"

From the Krayola's web-page bio:
"The Krayolas are back among the living. It's like something out of a Stephen King novel or Mel Brooks' "Young Frankenstein" -- it's alive. Thirty years ago, the Krayolas walked out of their daddy's garage and into the legendary West Side studio, Zaz, to make their first 45 r.p.m. vinyl record, "All I Do Is Try" b/w "Sometime." They were just teenagers, but soon they would be making many more singles with the help of great musicians like the West Side Horns, Ezra Charles and Rene & Rene. The Krayolas were hailed Tex-Mex Beatles, just as the Sir Douglas Quintet had been a decade earlier -- connected in spirit, their love of rock 'n' roll and their hometown roots. The Krayolas always championed their San Antonio connection. "Best Riffs Only: The Krayolas 1977-1988" compiles long-unavailable, out-of-print indie vinyl singles and rare album tracks for the first time. Some of it dates back 30 years, most of it is a quarter century old. The title of the new, 16-song collection comes from a bit of advice that Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds gave the band when they played together at the historic Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa in the late '70s. Taking a step back and listening to the disparate collection that only hints at the Krayolas onstage power, their essence is irresistible. It's direct-to-the-brain power pop and garage band rock -- young, raw, energetic, upbeat, charming, campy and fun. Always melodic, the Krayolas easy-to-hum sound puts a smile on your face. It's timeless. The Krayolas are timeless. And if they're alive, maybe you are, too."

Krayolas Home Page
Krayolas MySpace

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